Plugging in to the power of the sun!


Our company has gained wide recognition for superb designs and customer support while partnering with the Georgia Energy Trust Fund to provide revenue to counties of residents that participate!

The Georgia Energy Trust Fund was developed by Dr. Sidney Smith and Dr. Pat Godbey, co-owners of the Low Rates for Customers. Dr. Sidney Smith and Dr. Pat Godbey will donate 1.5% of the gross receipts from their solar systems to the Georgia Energy Trust.

The proceeds from the trust are then invested in Georgia Bonds for the participating county. The county will receive annually 1/2 of the earned interest and the balance being reinvested for the county. Eventually, with reinvestment and with annual contributions, the entire county's budget will be paid by the Trust Fund.

This is the first Trust Fund of its kind in the United States. It will lead to financial independence in the counties in which it is enacted. This will be an investment in the future infrastructure of the state and counties and will lead to a more secure future as teh result of the Georgia Energy Trust.